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American Society of Agricultural Consultants (ASAC)

Update: Glickman and Vroom Added to Conference Agenda


UPDATE: Former Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman and current CropLife America CEO Jay Vroom have been added to and round out the program for the upcoming Muddy Boots Conference to be held in Alexandria, VA October 20 through 22.

Glickman currently serves as CoChair of Agree and will address U.S. efforts to meet foot demands with a subtitle – “Can the World Sustain Itself?”

Vroom is CEO of CropLife America, the leading trade association serving the crop protection industry. He will lead the ethics discussion on “Are you consulting or are you selling? Walking the tightrope.”

Both of these presentations will be ones you will NOT WANT TO MISS !!

Download a copy of the updated agenda and registration information here.


Let’s face it, the role of the agricultural consultant has changed in the past few years. Technology continues to sweep through the industry at a pace that challenges even the most tech savvy. It’s easy enough for professionals to get lost in the changes that bombard them daily. Can you imagine the confusion of your clients?

New challenges oftentimes open doors to new opportunities. But where can one go to get their arms around all that is happening?

Start with this special Muddy Boots conference sponsored by the American Society of Agricultural Consultants. This is a three-day event for any and all who are involved with consulting in agriculture today. Whether it’s in the United States, North America, or just about any other place around the world, it’s time to get back to the basics of agricultural consulting.

Download the program with full agenda.

Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, this conference has something for you! Points to be addressed at the conference include:

• Who are today’s consultants and where will tomorrow’s come from?

• How do you walk the tightrope between consulting and selling products?

• What are the latest communications tools that will work for you AND your clients?

• What are the opportunities for working with government contracts, whether here or abroad and how do you find out what’s out there?

• It looks as though there will finally be a Farm Bill….what do you need to know about it — an open dialogue with senior USDA staff

• Are you making as much money as you think you should? Is this a job that pays or just a passion that makes you feel good?

• What opportunities are out there today and where will they be tomorrow? Are you ready to get on board?


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