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American Society of Agricultural Consultants (ASAC)

Pirro Named to Ag's 40 Under 40 Roster

It’s been quite a summer in the professional life of ASAC CFO Erin Pirro, CAC, Farm Credit East, ACA, based in Enfield, CT.

Earlier this summer she was named a recipient of the Hartford (Connecticut) Business Journal’s 40 under 40 List, given annually to the Greater Hartford men and women who have accomplished much in the early stages of their careers and have the potential to go on to do even greater things.
Mid-way through the season she was granted her CAC designation.

Now she has been named an honoree of Vance Publishing’s 40 Under 40 Award!

In the letter received by Pirro September 8 announcing her selection as an honoree, Joelle Stephens, manager of agribusiness market operations for Vance Publishing, wrote: “We are excited to announce that you have been chosen as one of our Top 40 Honoree’s for this year’s 40 Under
40 Award! With close to 200 nomina- tions from various industry segments in agriculture, it is quite an honor and we look forward to working with you in the upcoming weeks to get your feature story written, as well as throughout next year at different industry events. A special thanks to your Nominator – they knew what a great Honoree you’d make!”

“We are very proud of what you are doing in the name of agriculture and to be able to present you with this award! Way to go!!.”

According to Stephens, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), says global food produc- tion must double by 2050 to head off mass hunger. Agriculture will have no choice but to be more productive. Increases will need to come mostly from yield growth and improved cropping intensity rather than by farming more land.

“Vance Publishing, a leader in agriculture publishing with 10 titles surrounding different segments of agriculture, is committed to bringing awareness to the 2050 Challenge and the world-wide food crisis surrounding it. Our aim is to establish an influential network of young agricultural innovators under the age of 40 to join their voice with ours to emphasize that all agricultural segments must work together to meet this challenge. This is how the 40 Under 40 Awards was born.”

“Each year,” she continues, “Vance Publishing accepts nominations from our readers, advertisers and anyone involved in agriculture. The nominees must be involved with a business engaged in food production, food pro- cessing, food safety, food research, food transportation or a group, organization, association or university that serves those industries. From there we have a panel of judges from various industries go through the nomina- tions and score each submission. We then take the top 40 to honor as the year’s class of 40 Under 40 winners.

Pirro will be featured in the November/December issues of Vance Publishing’s agribusiness publications and also on the website and Facebook pages.

Erin joined ASAC in 2011 and immediately jumped on board as the organization’s Chief Financial Officer. She will resign that position at the ASAC Annual Confer- ence in October 2014 to be placed into nomination as the organization’s President-Elect.

Erin is a farm business consultant and assistant vice presi- dent for Farm Credit East, ACA, Her work is centered on successfully helping customers analyze their businesses from many angles in order to pinpoint methods for im- proving their profitability. In addition, Pirro leads First Pi- oneer’s Agricultural Retail Benchmarks, which is a com- prehensive consulting program for owners and managers of farm markets, garden centers, nurseries, wineries and other ag retail businesses. She provides similar services for wholesale greenhouse and nursery operations.

“Her work, insight, energy and total focus on helping customers increase their business profitability and overall success has been nothing short of impressive. Her cus- tomers praise her strategic advice as much as they appre- ciate its practical slant,” says John Caltabiano, executive vice president and regional manager for Farm Credit East.

Adds Keith Stechschulte, vice president and manager of the Enfield, CT branch office: “Erin deserves these awards and all the high praise about her and her work. Congratu- lations Erin on all of these recent honors and career mile- stones. Everyone at Farm Credit East is very proud of you and all you do for agriculture.”

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