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American Society of Agricultural Consultants (ASAC)
Achieving Greater Profitability – 2016 ASAC Conference

Achieving Greater Profitability – 2016 ASAC Conference


Join us in Fort Worth, Texas, Nov. 13-15 for the annual conference of the American Society of Agricultural Consultants! Our focus this year will be on giving you the tools you need to grow profits in 2017.

We’ve made it easy for you to register online! Just fill out the form below and submit it. You’ll be taken to a page where you can submit your payment via Paypal.

Registration Fees (Before 9/24 and after 9/24)

ASAC Member (Full registration) $395 / $445
Non-member $495 / $545
Spouse (Full registration) $200 / $225
Dinner Banquet Only $55 / $75
Student Registration $95 / $105
Presidents Luncheon Only $30 / $40

Online Registration

Download the full Annual Meeting Program in PDF form. (You can also scroll down the page to see the agenda as it stands now.)

If you prefer to pay by mail, download this printable Registration and Payment FormPlease complete the online registration form above so we have your contact information right away, even if you intend to pay by mail.



To book a hotel room, click this ASAC Booking Link. The group code is ASA. Cut-off date for the group booking is October 14.

Registration Fees (Before 9/24 and after 9/24)

ASAC Member (Full registration) $395 / $445
Non-member $495 / $545
Spouse (Full registration) $200 / $225
Dinner Banquet Only $55 / $75
Student Registration $95 / $105
Presidents Luncheon Only $30 / $40

Meeting Program

Sunday, November 13

11:00 AM – Registration Opens

2:00 PM – Board of Directors Meeting (Open to all) 5:30 PM – Networking Dinner (Open to all)

Monday, November 14

7:00 AM Breakfast

8:00 AM – Mitch Morehart, Authoritative Analytics, LLC

Title: Using USDA Financial Data in your Consultancy

Synopsis: The Economic Research Service (ERS) provides key economic indicators, outlook analysis, and a wealth of data on the U.S. food and agricultural system. The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) conducts hundreds of surveys each year and prepares reports covering virtually every aspect of U.S. production agriculture. Mitch will discuss the various key economic and financial data series and provide specific examples of how the information can be used to inform consultations with farmers, lenders, and other agricultural professionals.

Bio: Mitch Morehart having completed a distinguished 30-year career at the Economic Research Service (ERS), USDA, has vast experience and expertise in several areas of applied economics and statistics. His impact is reflected in the more than 200 presentations to government officials, policy analysts, the research community and other public audiences. He has conducted numerous radio, newspaper, or television interviews on the financial performance of U.S. farm business. He has authored or co-authored more than 100 journal articles and ERS bulletins that report research results in agricultural finance and farm management. He was Responsible for modernizing the preparation and delivery of annual estimates of farm income and wealth measures. As one of the founding architects and manager of a large and complex annual survey of farm operators (Agricultural Resource Management Survey), Morehart has acquired an array of skills pertaining to the collection and reporting of economic data.

9:00 AM – Ed Skelton, Business Economist, Dallas Federal Reserve

Title: TBD

Synopsis: Import and Export Trends in Agriculture

Bio: Ed Skelton is a business economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Skelton’s primary analysis concerns the economies of Latin America, with a focus on the banking industry and the financial system. He also manages the Bank’s macrosurveillance unit, where he performs regional and national financial system analysis, researches issues related to international systemic risk, and is very active in the Bank’s Economic Education program. He has appeared on National Public Radio, and his work has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Newsweek, specialized industry publications, academic studies, as well as prominent daily newspapers in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil and many other Latin American countries.

In addition to his responsibilities at the Dallas Fed, he is an adjunct professor of economics at Southern Methodist University, where he has received numerous awards for teaching excellence. Skelton received a master of arts in economics degree from Southern Methodist University and a bachelor of business administration in economics degree from Baylor University. He is also a graduate of the American Bankers Association Stonier School of Banking at the University of Pennsylvania, where he has been serving as a capstone project advisor.

10:00 AM – Jimmy Dodson, Chairman of the Board, Farm Credit Bank of Texas

Title: Agricultural Credit Trends

Synopsis: Review and analysis of current trends in agricultural credit.

Bio: Forthcoming

11:00 AM – John Jackson, CAC, President, Agricultural Management Group, Inc.

Title: How I Did It!

Synopsis: John Jackson has built a career in agricultural consulting and will share how he did just that. Session will feature his international consulting experience and domestic work with western U.S. Indian tribes.

Bio: Forthcoming

Noon – Past Presidents’ Luncheon – Erin Pirro presiding

Luncheon presentation by Jeanne Bernick, Ag Market Consultant, KCOE ISOM

Title: 6 Ways to Improve Your Connection With Ag Clients

Synopsis: Since shifting in my career from writing about farmers to consulting with them, I have learned a few ways ag consultants can improve our connections with clients. As a journalist, my first job was to listen to the source….as a consultant, my first job remains to listen to the client. I will provide several examples, tips and take-aways for working with farm clients and new tools to improve the client/consultant connection.

Bio: Jeanne Bernick is an ag consultant and business specialist for national accounting and finance firm KCOE ISOM. Jeanne matches the needs of large commercial producers with her firm’s experts and tools, facilitating healthy, growing farm operations that are sustainable for generations to come. She offers a depth of industry insights and works alongside producers to zero-in on farm business solutions. Prior to joining KCOE ISOM, Jeanne spent 20 years as an editor with Farm Journal Media, developing long-standing relationships with ag producers and their families, sitting at their kitchen tables, watching their families grow, seeing the kids take over the operation, and witnessing businesses fail and succeed. She established the first national Executive Women in Ag conference focused on helping women improve their farm business and networking skills. She also helped create a national peer to peer network for farmers that gives farmers opportunities to consult with one another business ideas and financial growth.

1:30 PM – Mick Lewis, Fort Lewis Inc.

Title: Team Profit, Capture the Concept

Synopsis: As we look at the Grain and Cattle outlook for 2017 from a producer’s standpoint, I want to inject my approach to agricultural marketing as a team effort between the producer and the consultant with input from suppliers and bankers. After arriving at a breakeven price for each product, the work expands by estimating what the markets will bear. Analysis of grain and cattle markets is an ongoing process that must last until the products are sold and delivered. Fundamental analysis is the starting point that tells us what to do. That is followed by technical analysis which tells us when to do it. But we also must take a hard look at structure. Structure of a market is “who is buying and who is selling and what is their objective.” In this day and age, market structure can trump everything.

With this presentation being made a week after the presidential election, I may have some opinions on what to expect from a new administration if we are not covered with “hanging chad.”

Bio: Mick was raised on a farm near Arkansas City, KS. After completing a BS in Mechanical Engineering at Kansas State University, he returned to the family farm for 30 years, raising grain, backgrounded feeder cattle and, with his wife, raising two children. Mick served two terms on the Kansas Wheat Commission and was a charter member of US Wheat Associates, an international market development organization. He also travelled to China with the Kansas Farm Bureau promoting agricultural trade. A horse accident brought a change in direction; he and wife Barbara moved 200 miles west to the Dodge City area and started their consulting business. That was almost 21 years ago. He consults directly with farmers and ranchers and has clients in five states ranging from the High Plains to the Delta and into the Corn Belt, advising them on when and how to sell their products and buy their inputs. Mick’s experience in production agriculture and engineering allows an understanding of the problems of clients and enables him to speak their language. He also teaches a class at Dodge City Community College on Developing an Agricultural Marketing Plan.

2:30 PM – Den Gardner, Gardner & Gardner Communications

Title: Expanding Your Practice

Synopsis: Today’s marketing and branding requires a different set of communication tools for your marketing tool box than in the past. This session will help you evaluate your marketing plan and provide steps that will put you on the right path to furthering your success.

Bio: Den Gardner is executive vice president of ASAC and owner of Gardner & Gardner Communications.

4:00 PM – Julie Strain, CAC, Red Wing Software

Title: ASAC’s Core: Ethics

Synopsis: We will review and explore ASAC’s core ethic statements as they become tested in today’s fast paced working environment.

Bio: Forthcoming

6:00 PM – Reception

7:00 PM – 2016 ASAC Banquet
Featured Speaker: Yuri Yermakov, Citigroup, Director of Model Risk Management

Tuesday, November 15

7:00 AM Breakfast

8:00 AM – Doug Wiegand, Precision Planting, Sales Lead Eastern US & Canada

Title: Precision Farming

Synopsis: Forthcoming

Bio: Forthcoming

9:00 AM – Roy Ferguson, CMC/CAC, The Ferguson Group

Title: Rescuing Your New Clients

Synopsis: Proven methodology and data requirements for turning your financially troubled client around to consistent profitability.

Bio: Roy is the president of The Ferguson Group which has 11 associates in eight
states. Specializes in business turnarounds, strategic planning for expansion, and market penetration. Served clients in 63 different types of industries, businesses, and professions located in 42 states and abroad. Pioneered financial ratio/index guideline procedures for analyzing and managing agricultural firms. Developed “Two-tier Debt Reduction” procedures which were approved by The Federal Reserve, FDIC, and Comptroller of the Currency for application in U.S. agriculture and the independent oil & gas sectors. Has conducted financial management workshops to more than 33,000 attendees throughout the U.S. and Canada. Successful Farming magazine described Roy as “U.S. agriculture’s financial evangelist”…Top Producer magazine labeled him “U.S. agriculture’s Prophet of profitability”…Progressive Farmer magazine stated “Roy is the Dean of U.S. agriculture’s financial consultants”…and the Independent Bankers Association indicated “Roy Ferguson is a nationally recognized specialist in agricultural finance.” During 2013, Roy was selected as one of four ASAC members who have made the greatest impact on the organization during its 50- year history. He is a former president of ASAC and currently serves as a director.

10:30 AM – Yuval Chapin, Elbit Systems Title: Drones in Agriculture

Synopsis: Forthcoming

Bio: Forthcoming

Noon – State of the Society Lunch Erin Pirro, ASAC President

1:30 PM – Networking Session

Synopsis: Members receive time at the microphone to share information about themselves, their businesses and any successes and secrets that might benefit fellow Society members and attendees.

2:30 PM – ASAC Business Meeting (Open to all)

4:00 PM – ASAC Annual Meeting Adjourns

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