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Know Your WHY

Successful entrepreneurs and business leaders tend to be good at defining their “Why” or their reasons for doing what they do. Without a clear understanding of this crucial concept, there would be a tendency to meander through a variety of options, lose track of their core purpose and become easily sidetracked by distractions and disruptions to their business.
Knowing your “Why” can be very powerful in determining your focus, motivation, passion, direction and overall purpose, both personally and professionally.
The best presentation on this is by Simon Sinek, an internationally known business and leadership development professional. His book Start with Why provides an in-depth review of this concept and the powerful effect it has had on businesses.

For a brief and powerful overview (18 minutes) of his philosophies on this topic, check out his TED Talk, “Start With Why” which can be found at
He describes the “Golden Circle” with WHY in the center of three concentric circles, HOW in the middle circle and WHAT in the outer circle.
Most companies start at the outside and define themselves by WHAT they produce or the services they provide, then talk about HOW they do it, and finally share WHY they do what they do. The most successful companies start inside the circle with their WHY, describe HOW they do it, then tell you what they provide that delivers on their WHY. He uses the example of how Apple does this in marketing their products to build incredible customer loyalty, and how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. used this in one of the greatest speeches ever delivered.

Sinek shares how the biology of the brain supports the success of this strategy and attracts people to work for these companies, buy their products and desire their services.

For further evidence of the power of knowing your WHY, check out this brief video provided by comedian Micheal Jr. and
It’s very brief (less than 4 minutes) and shows a volunteer in the audience, who happens to be a music instructor, sing Amazing Grace.  He sings it very well, and then Michael Jr. asks him to sing it as though his uncle just got out of prison, as though he had been shot in the back as a kid and barely survived, etc.  That version was powerful and must be heard to fully appreciate.

The bottom line is, “When you know your WHY, your WHAT becomes more impactful.”

We can’t reach our full potential staying totally focused on what we are doing for our clients and explaining to them how we do it, without fully realizing and delivering on our WHY.
What’s your WHY and how has knowing it impacted your business?
Don Tyler; Tyler & Associates
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