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22 Mental Hacks for Ag Professionals

Shane Thomas is an Ag Professional with Upstream Ag Insights who “…provides unique perspective surrounding agribusiness news and events that empowers readers to become better thinkers, more effective leaders and deliver better results.”

In a recent newsletter he shared 22 ways that Ag Professionals can use to be more effective in delivering their services to clients. Though originally started as a list for university and college grads entering the ag industry, many long-term professionals found the list to provide good reminders for any professional.

Some of the “hacks” provided in the list include:
  • Ask Questions
  • Create a Brand
  • Identify Role Models
  • People Matter

Even for those of us who have been providing advice for many years, these lists often provide good reminders—a type of checklist—of the things we know we need to do yet sometimes lose sight of in our busy schedules.

The link to the full list is here: 

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