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American Society of Agricultural Consultants (ASAC)

Code of Ethics          Mission          Standards & Experience

Founded in 1963, the American Society of Agricultural Consultants (ASAC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising the standards of professional agricultural consultants. ASAC represents the full range of agricultural consultants specializing in all areas of agriculture including:



Food Processing

Farm Management


Precision Agriculture




Agricultural consultants that are members of ASAC provide the highest quality consulting services to businesses of rural America. Consistent with other agribusiness professionals, the ASAC consultants value honesty and fairness in a manner which promotes the personal growth of your customers, employees and shareholders.

ASAC consultants advise on business decisions about your current and future operations. Consultants may focus on financial matters, business structure, human relations, business succession planning, personnel management, production or operations issues…and a myriad of other areas that impact your business.

Agricultural consulting is one of the fastest growing areas of specialization in agriculture. The consultant’s role is becoming more and more critical as agriculture continues its fast-paced trajectory in technology, specialization and mergers.

“Find your professional ‘home’ in a tightly-knit, yet diverse organization of respected ‘world class’ consultants while maintaining your independence.”


“Since becoming a member of ASAC in 1994, I have been able to leverage my interactions and associations with fellow consultants to better service my clientele and become a better consultant. The knowledge of and relationships with this diverse group of Agricultural Consultants has allowed me to state to my clients, ‘I know someone that can help with that’ almost without fail.”

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