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American Society of Agricultural Consultants (ASAC)

Standards & Experience

Professional Standards

ASAC’s ethical and professional standards set the membership body distinctly apart. Our certified members must satisfy rigorous continuing education requirements to maintain certification.

Global Experience

ASAC’s membership represents the largest single body of internationally experienced Agricultural consultants on the globe. Many of our members are multi-lingual. They understand and respect cultural differences. Our members were globally – focused long before world market-oriented systems were fashionable.

Global Strategy

Competitive Global Markets make for a very intense management strategy environment. Corporate downsizing continues to decrease internal support staffs at a time when both the scope and diversity of information resources are escalating. Modern corporate management no longer has the time or resources to internally source all the answers, especially when corporate needs are changing daily. That’s where ASAC members come in.

Domestic Experience

Many of our members are distinguished US domestic consultants and serve the domestic market notably. But, they too are globally-focused. Whether in Smalltown, USA or somewhere in Russia or Africa, our members are on the cutting edge.

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