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You Couldn’t Make it to the ASAC Conference? Here’s What You Missed!

Have you ever been driving down the road and observed a billboard with the message, “You just drove past….!” trying to get you to be sure to stop by next time you are in the area? If you couldn’t make it to the ASAC Conference in Nashville, TN this week, here’s what you missed:
An update on Agricultural Trade from Dr. Andrew Muhammad of the University of Tennessee who provided key updates on the status of trade with China and other countries, how consolidation in international shipping companies has contributed to supply chain challenges, and the number one ag commodity that is exported (Hint: It’s not corn, soybeans or wheat…)

Dr. Amanda Stone from Mississippi State University shared an agricultural mental health program called “Mental Health First Aid in Agriculture” that trains ag professionals to be more proficient in recognizing the signs of mental stress in ag producers.
A review of the Code of Ethics that all ASAC members must abide by, with members sharing their personal examples of potential ethical dilemmas and how they either mitigate them or address them when they arise.
Ron Rabou’s presentation on “Enough is Enough,” sharing the personal story of his family’s reluctance to change and how he took a different approach to farming, with great success.
A panel of experts on succession planning and how they work with their clients on difficult transitional issues. This was particularly applicable to the attendees because though many of them do not do succession planning as a specific service, they are often drawn into these conversations by the families they serve.
Dr. Tempel Grandin’s unique perspectives on handling livestock, the future of protein production, significant changes needed in education in this country, and how she works with people who would be labeled “disabled” but have incredible skills that she helps them realize and utilize.
A wonderful evening with Michelle Miller, “Farm Babe” social media influencer and advocate for agriculture who shared humorous stories and taught us the value of sharing our ag stories. It was great to hear her personal story of going from “Dyed-in-the-wool Hollywood, nothing but organic, vegan…” to learning the facts about agricultural production and becoming one of its greatest advocates.
An update on carbon markets and how Cibo Technologies is developing systems to verify how different carbon programs are working to reduce greenhouse gasses, presented by Kenny Fahey and Billy Cripe.
Laurel Gaefe from the Atlanta Federal Reserve office shared an economic update, but we have to admit that we somewhat hijacked her presentation and made her focus mostly on labor issues, because that’s what our producers are struggling with the most.
An overview of land values and market trends across the country provided by Peoples Company.
Each of these topics were presented by experts who understand agriculture and provided clear, detailed, practical insights that help consultants understand their clients in a way that can significantly improve the quality of the services they provide.
Don’t “drive past” next year’s ASAC Annual Conference in Oklahoma City, OK, November 6th through 10th, 2022. Details to follow as they are finalized.
Don Tyler
Tyler & Associates
ASAC Member
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